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Citi Boost

  • Ingredient: In each capsule contains: Gingko biloba extract (Ginkgo leaf extract) 150mg, Citicoline 100mg, Waterhyssop extract 50mg, Dry extracts female ginseng 50mg, Vitamin B1 5mg, Vitamin B6 5mg. Excipients: Avicel PH 102, PVP K30, Magnesium stearate just enough. Net weight/capsule: 450 mg ± 10%

Uses: Supports blood circulation, helps to increase cerebral blood circulation. Support to reduce the manifestations of cerebral circulatory dysfunction, reduce sequelae after cerebrovascular accident due to stroke.
User: People with impaired cerebral circulation with the following symptoms: Pain, dizziness, dizziness, sleep problems, vestibular problems. People after stroke suffer from cerebral vascular accident due to stroke.
Indication: 1 capsule / time, 1-2 times / day, after meals, should use the product continuously for 4-6 weeks to achieve high efficiency
Shelf life: 36 months             Package: 30 capsules/box
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