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Health supplements LIEN HOA THANH HUONG

  • Ingredients: Each capsule contains: 268 mg of mixed extract (1:10 ratio) which is equivalent to the following medicinal herbs: Andrographis paniculata 500mg, Artemisia annua 300mg, honeysuckle 255mg, Forsythia suspens 255mg, Clerodenron Cytophyllum Turcz 255mg, Gypsum fibrosum 255mg, Cyrtomium fotunei J. Smi 255mg, Houttuynia cordata 255mg, Glycyrrhiza uralensis 85mg, Pogostemon cablin 85mg, Scrophularia nodosa 85mg, Rheum palmatum L. 51mg, Mentha 50mg. Excipients: Capsule shell gelatin, lactose, talc, Magnesium stearate, Polyvinyl Pyrroli - done K30, ethanol 96° just enough for 1 tablet. Net weight/Capsule: 500mg ± 7.5%

Uses: Helps to nourish the lungs, support to reduce the symptoms of increased sputum secretion, cough much, runny nose, stuffy nose, help relieve sore throat, hoarseness due to prolonged cough.
User: People with dry cough, cough with phlegm, cough due to cold, cough due to weather changes, sore throat, bronchitis. People with sore throat, hoarseness due to prolonged coughing
Indication: Take 2 Capsules/ time,  2 times / day
Shelf life: 36 months               Package: 30 capsules/bottle
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