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Traditional Medicines

VIETMEC is a reliable address to provide reputable and quality traditional medicine products as follows: Angelica sinensi incubated with alcohol, Codolopsis distillationed, Semen Zizyphi jujubae roasted the medicine to yellow, Morinda Officinalis incubated with alcohol, Ligustiam wallichit franch incubated with alcohol, Atrantylodes macrocephala incubated with alcohol, Achyranthes hidentata Blume incubated with alcohol, Eucommia ulmoides soliv incubated with salt, Polygala of drying medicine with rice bran,  Angelica laxit bra Diels sliced, Paronia lactiflora pall roated, Astragalus propinquus incubated with molasses, Notopteryguim incisium ting sliced, Glycyrrhiza glabra incubated with molasses, Remannia glutinosa militiorrhizae, Radix Salviae incubated with alcohol, Atratylodes lancea roasted the medicine to yellow, Radix Dipsaci incubated with salt, Herba cistanches caulis cistanchis distilled with alcohol, Drynaria incubated with alcohol, Cornus officinalis distilled, Nelumbo nucifera roasted the medicine to yellow, Coix lachrymajobi roasted the medicine to yellow with rice bran, Prumus persica stokes roasted the medicine to yellow and keep the cover, Cortex moutan ...
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