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  • Ingredients: Artificial Moschus mosechiferus L, Artificial Calculus BovisMargarita, Blumea balsamifera, Radix Panasus notoginseng, Gallsinensis, Calamine, Folium Daturae metelis. Excipients just enough for 1 tablet

Uses: - Support for inflammation, antibacterial, fast healing of anal fissures.
- Helps increase blood circulation, inhibit the growth of hemorrhoids, prevent the formation of hemorrhoids.
- Helps relieve symptoms caused by hemorrhoids such as pain, itching, anal bleeding, and easy defecation.
User: - People with prolonged constipation.
- People with anal bleeding, burning pain, anal itching.
- Prevention of hemorrhoids, varicose veins.
Indication: 1 tablet / time, 2 times / day, use morning and evening before going to bed (or after defecation), maintain regularly for 2 consecutive weeks.
- Step 1: Clean the anal area with warm water or dilute salt water. Then dry gently.
- Step 2: Men lean to one side and bend the other knee to the abdomen.
- Step 3: Tear off the aluminum shell on the sharp end and put the pointed end of the bullet into the anus first, 2-3 cm deep so that your hand does not touch the pill.
  - Step 4: Hold the position of placing the medicine for about 15 minutes for the drug to dissolve and release into the body.
Shelf life: 36 months             Package: 30 tablets/box

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